Women have been fighting for equal rights for a long time in America, 176 years. Democrats made history again the week of the National Convention, when Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination as our candidate for President. On November 8th, Hillary Rodham Clinton may become the first woman elected into the Oval Office. It is a very exciting time for Democrats in America and the women in particular. This piece is made to fit a Facebook cover pic space and is free to use. All of the women in this piece have made significant contributions to the United States of America. Do you recognize any of them? Do you know #HerStory? Join VoteBlue on November 8th because #ImWithHer and #ShesWithUs and we're going to #VoteBlue. Designer: Wallace Henderson Ingalls, logo recreated by permission. Free to use.


VOTE BLUE PERFECT PEACE logo by Artist Art Nava.

VOTE BLUE Screaming Eagle logo.

VOTE BLUE Power to the people logo in white by Jeff Donbrowski

"A rose by any other name would still smell as BLUE." William his BLUE period..
Happy Day Vote Blue - By Art Nava & Wallace Ingalls A piece that came to be through collaboration and the mix of spirit and art we enjoy at #VoteBlue. Wallace created it, Art perfected it